Our team

Finergreen employs 50+ professionals with diverse skills and experiences around a shared strong expertise in all aspects of project finance & M&A, from financial modelling to the legal aspects of transactions.
The diversity of our profiles (10 nationalities / 15 spoken languages) makes us particularly well-suited for advising cross border transactions.
  • WE ARE

    agile, innovative, responsive and concentrate our efforts in serving the interests of our clients

  • WE ARE

    financial engineers, our focus is to first understand project engineering before diving into financial mechanics

  • WE ARE

    creating a strong international brand, with high quality services and proximity to local markets

  • WE ARE

    working closer to people and projects and wish to be involved in the energy transition worldwide

Finergreen is a financial advisory boutique dedicated to renewable energy. Within 7 years, the company executed € 2.1bn of transactions representing 6 GW of assets.

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